angelamelemilano dresses the chic and metropolitan woman who wants to feel fashion without forgoing the tailor's care of the Made in Italy manufacturing.

But in the late 80's from the imaginative verve of its designer, Angela Mele, the brand made itself on the qualified poscenium of the fashion biz and on the International market thanks to its main and fast-fashion collections.

The creative process always originates from the stylistic research conducted through the history of costume, the pop explosion of the fashion Maison, and sinthetizes itself in elegant and contemporary collections, expression of a cosmopolitan culture that combines simplycity and preciousness, sometimes with clean "bold" touches.

angelamelemilano supports young emerging talents, such as the Londoner twins Nadia+Zehra , and participates to projects such as the clothing brand Lady Mafia by Pakkiano®. ?